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Breakthrough in the combination of biological molecules and nano materials, chiral detection

Time:2015/6/23 13:41:41  
Biological molecules are involved in many processes are unable to direct study, such as protein ligand binding, amyloid formation produce disease of intermediates, protein phosphorylation and glycosylation and so on. If a nano sensor detection of biomolecular chirality, will be able to let scientists at the level of structure characterization of biological molecules, and can more clearly explain these molecules are involved in several biological processes.
Before studies have proved that when combined with molecular biology and nano materials, chiral molecular biology will give the nano materials, so as to produce a plasmon induced circular dichroism (CD) signals in the visible range.
Recently, scientists at the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom made further achievements, are reported for the first time in single plasmon matrix form of colloidal metal nanoparticles with chiral sensitivity.
Researchers prepared a capable of detecting biological molecule chiral silver silica nano label (nanotag), the nano tag is a single nanoparticle plasmon yuan reporting system (single nanoparticle plasmonic reporter), with core - shell structure. The researchers first of all preparation of silver nanoparticles colloidal suspension, using benzene and triazole azo dyes of silver nanoparticles were functionalized, then coating 3-5nm silica to prepare the nano tag.
Through the determination of mirror surface enhanced resonance Raman optical activity spectroscopy SERROA, the researchers confirmed the stereochemical response from a chiral stay analyte (ribose and color ammonia acid enantiomers) to the non chiral benzo triazole dye molecules transfer. The computational model is further supported by these observations, and reveals a new chiral transfer mechanism.
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